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These Notable Celebrities are Loving our Beachfront Hotel in Boracay, Station 1!

Nestled in the long and beautiful stretch of Station 1 lies the go-to haven for many travelers and one of the award-winning resorts of The Astoria Group, Astoria Boracay. Indeed, our luxurious hotel in Boracay will always be one of the top choices for your island getaway with your loved ones. Not to mention, even famous celebrities and influencers – local and international – have been witnessing the beauty that Astoria Boracay has to offer.  

In our first article “Celebrities are Loving Astoria Boracay in Station 1”, we have revealed the notable stars who had a splendid stay with us during their well-deserved vacations. And now, we will be showing you more of the famous local and international personalities who had a memorable and noteworthy stay at our serene resort. Are you ready to discover who they are? Then, keep reading this article! 

Gelli de Belen-Rivera and Ariel Rivera

Photo by Ms. Gelli de Belen-Rivera

One of the popular actors and actresses of their generation, Mrs. Gelli and Mr. Ariel Rivera, have graced Astoria Boracay with their presence during their much-awaited vacation with their lovely sons. They were stunned by the unrivaled beauty of our resort and impressed with the hospitality service that our friendly staff provided. 

Gladys Reyes

Photo by Ms. Gladys Reyes 

Another talented celebrity who was spotted at our hip resort in Station 1, Boracay was Ms. Gladys Reyes! This stunning woman together with her husband, Christopher Roxas, chose our immaculate hotel to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. This lovely couple was impressed with how beautiful the Honeymoon Suite is and amazed with the delectable food that our White Café restaurant served. According to Ms. Gladys, a few of their favorite dishes were pasta, pizza, and Chicken Parmigiana. Feel free to try her recommendations on your next visit with us, too! 

Christopher Tuazon

Photo by Mr. Christopher Tuazon 

Mr. Christopher “Toff” Tuazon, one of the top TikTok content creators in the Philippines, also picked Astoria Boracay as his resort of choice during his well-deserved getaway on the island. He specifically mentioned how our amazing staff took care of him from his arrival to his departure from our pristine luxury property. 

Mr. Toff had an amazing time at our resort, and he was able to create plenty of fun and creative TikTok videos. If you are looking for inspiration for your future stay at Astoria Boracay, be sure to check out his astounding content via our TikTok account at

Phillip Vu 

Next is the U.S.-based content creator, Mr. Phillip Vu, together with his creative director, Ponce. They testified that the excellent hospitality service that Astoria Boracay provides is truly unmatched! This duo relished their short but sweet vacation in our resort, and they were surprised by all the amenities, especially with the pristine swimming pool. Take your cue from these famous personalities to witness our stunning resort yourself!  

Candice and Jonty King

Last, but definitely not least, are these amazing international content creators from South Africa, Ms. Candice and Mr. Jonty King also known as Candy and the Kings! According to this power couple, they were captivated by the enchanting beauty that our pristine beach resort in Station 1 has. Even their cute and lovely daughter, Aurora, enjoyed her first stay with us. The getaway they had at Astoria Boracay will surely be one for the books!  

And there you have it! We hope that this article has helped you decide to book your well-deserved vacation at Astoria Boracay, just like these notable celebrities and content creators. For more information, you may visit our website at or contact our Reservations Office at (+63 2) 8687-1111 locals 8739, 8740, 8738, and 8737 or (+63) 908-872-7922 to reserve your dates.  

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