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Fear of Flying? 3 Tips for Managing Flight Anxiety When Staying at our Resort in Boracay

Air travel can be a source of unease, particularly for first-time flyers. However, with some helpful tips, you can make your flight experience extra relaxing. To help you manage flight anxiety, we have compiled a list of three applicable strategies that you can consider applying. 

Just be still. 

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Remaining calm during moments of anxiety can be difficult, and this is particularly hard if you are new to flying. As you feel the plane gradually ascend, it is important to find a comfortable seating position and take deep breaths to help stabilize yourself. Engaging in breathing exercises can help relieve a racing heart, as fear can often lead to agitation. However, it is important to note that maintaining composure takes time. It also helps to focus on remaining still in your seat until you feel relaxed enough to fully settle. 

Avoid intruding thoughts. 

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When you start to feel emotional instability, it is common for fear to arise. This fear can lead to unnecessary overthinking, which in turn can intensify your anxiety. To prevent this, it is important to minimize scary thoughts that may disrupt your well-being. An effective plan is to redirect your focus towards positive things, such as envisioning the breathtaking view you will experience when you arrive at Astoria Boracay, our gorgeous resort in Station 1, Boracay. Additionally, it is crucial to have trust in the airline staff, as they are responsible for ensuring everyone’s safety during the flight. By maintaining a positive mindset and minimizing negativity, you can have a more pleasant experience. 

Share your anxiety triggers. 

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When you are traveling with someone, it can be beneficial to communicate the causes of your flight anxiety. This allows your companion to be aware of your fears and can potentially help you feel more at ease. Sharing this shows your self-awareness and is an important step in opening up to others and allowing them to understand you better. By doing so, they will be better equipped to offer aid and comfort during your flight. 

Overcoming phobias like aviophobia could improve one’s mental state, especially during long flights. If you know you are surrounded by reliable people, put your trust in them and follow airport guidelines to help you feel secure. Moreover, you may try daydreaming about all the amazing things that you can do at the best hotel in Boracay, Station 1, Astoria Boracay, where the beach is only a hop and skip away! 

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